About a2f

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Acts2fellowship is a Christian student group at the University of Minnesota. We meet every week on campus to study the Bible and check out God’s perspective. It’s a safe and fun place to make some friends, think about the big questions in life, and get some answers as we investigate and discover God’s purpose for us. Along the way we also hang out, eat good food, go on awesome outings, study really hard, and just “do college life” together. At acts2fellowship, we try to recreate what we read in Acts chapter 2 of the Bible—ordinary folks forming an extraordinary community—and we invite you to join us!

Looking for a Church?

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For most of us, Gracepoint Minneapolis is our church on Sundays. It’s not the only option, but we think it’s a pretty good one. Come on by and check it out this week—we’re on campus!

Our Advisors

ptimothy and alice About a2f

Before entering full-time ministry, Pastor Timothy worked as an engineer for a major petroleum company. But when God called, Timothy answered by trading his toil of boiling oil for the joyful labor of loving college students, first at the University of California, Davis, and now here at the U. His wife, Alice, also worked at Davis as a student adviser before they moved out here with the rest of the staff to start a2f Minnesota. Today, they are as passionate as ever about serving God on the college campus and raising Golden Gophers to become disciples of Christ.

May 22, 2010

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